Lulofs board

The board of the Lulofs alumni association is traditionally composed of a chair, secretary (vice-chair), the editorial team and the program directors of MSc Earth Sciences and BSc Future Planet Studies. To ensure current student affairs are also considered in the alumni association, another member is invited from a newly installed board of the study association GAOS.

Chair – vacancy

Vice chair / website admin: dr. H.P. (Henk Pieter) Sterk

Secretary / newsletter editor: E.M.N. (Emma) Polman, MSc

Program director MSc Earth Sciences: dr. M.C. (Carina) Hoorn

Program director BSc Future Planet Studies: dr. ir. E.E. (Emiel) van Loon

Newsletter and website editor: E.A. (Evy) de Nijs, MSc

Student association GAOS representative: vacancy

Former board members of Lulofs include, but are not limited to:

Please let us know if you or someone you know/knew has been part of our board.

dr. D. (Dan) Assendorp (chair)

dr. J.M. (Jan) van Mourik (chair)

dr. I. (Igino) Emmer (chair)

 dr. L.H. (Erik) Cammeraat (program director MSc)

dr. B. (Boris) Jansen (program director BSc)

C. (Cindy) Teeven, MSc (vice-chair)

M.E. (Manon) de Vries, MSc (secretary)

N.T. (Tamara) Jonkman, MSc (editor)

dr. M.M. (Martha) Bakker (editor chief)

M. (Merel) Hondebrink, MSc (editor)

D. (Daphne) Snel, MSc (GAOS representative)