Lulofs is the alumni association for Physical Geographers and Earth Scientists and of the University of Amsterdam. All of our registered members receive a series of newsletters throughout the year to keep you up to date about UvA BSc and MSc program news, occasional job offers (e.g. PhD positions) and personal messages from alumni fit for a wider audience (e.g. obituaries).

Furthermore, the board of Lulofs organises symposia and online webinars for all members to attend. Each activity will., where possible, include a non-scientific part as well, where we offer our members to catch up with their fellows in a more social setting, sponsored by IBED: the Earth Sciences department at the University of Amsterdam.

It is important for Lulofs, as well as the study programs and our members, to keep in touch and provide an active platform for collaborations, social gatherings and sharing thoughts and innovations within the realm of Physical Geography and the wider Earth Sciences. Therefor, we invite all Bachelor and Master students from the UvA to become a member and attend our meetings, symposia and other events.

As an association, we also would like to emphasise that we can play and active role in sharing relevant content created by our members to a wider network. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

  • research outcomes or publications;
  • invitations to (international) symposia or conferences,
  • book or study launches;
  • personal funding or financing opportunities;
  • job offers, sabbaticals or PhD positions;
  • exchange programs;
  • collaboration requests.

If you wish to discuss options with the board of Lulofs, please contact us: